Star Log.EM Series

Everyman Gaming takes to the stars with an all-new product series designed with the interstellar spacefarer in the Star Log.EM series! Each Star Log features a thousand words of all-new content for Starfinder, each issue centered around a single theme. Topics include new aliens, new archetypes, new class options, new feats or themes, and more!

Advanced Skill Guide Cover.png

Advanced Skill Guide

Revolutionize your Starfinder campaign with the latest product from Everyman Gaming LLC: the Advanced Skill Guide! Built upon over five years of experience, the Advanced Skill Guide includes everything that GMs and players need to make skills fun and relevant to even the most combat-heavy of campaigns. Included are robust rules for establishing cohorts and followers, rules for forming meaningful relationships with characters and organizations, rules for establishing secret identities, a skill challenge system that allows GMs to quickly create encounters based entirely on skills, alternate rules for turning combat maneuvers into a skill-based system, plenty of archetypes, themes, and other player content, and so much more!

Star Log.Deluxe: Zoomer

Race into adventure with an all-new class for the Starfinder Roleplaying Gameā€”the zoomer! This high-speed combatant class features unmatched speed and ability, able to strike fast and true with lightweight weaponry, all while zipping about the battlefield. Also included are archetype rules for the zoomer class to allow you full access to the breadth of Starfinder RPG options!

SLDX002 Genetic Knacks.png

Star Log.Deluxe: Genetic Knacks

Make your characters heroes in the truest sense with Star Log.Deluxe: Genetic Knacks! Included in this product are new feats and special powers that grant you superhuman abilities, such as superhuman strength, the ability to make your sweat combust, or even the power to fire lasers from your fingertips!

SLDX001 Aging Rules.png

Star Log.Deluxe: Aging Rules

Bring your kiddos and elders into the future with Star Log.Deluxe: Aging Rules! Stylized after the fan-favorite Star Log.EM series, Star Log Deluxe: Aging Rules brings you ten pages of content revolving around aging, including young character aging rules for all Starfinder, Legacy, and Starfarer races, in-depth age category rules for these characters, two new themes (old-timer and prodigy) and plenty of magic items that you can use to explain away old age in your campaign setting!

Starfarer's Companion

Blast off into the far-flung future with the Starfarer's Companion, a joint product between Everyman Gaming and Rogue Genius Games designed specifically to help orient fantasy players to the starfaring age while also providing new technological wonders to future-facing PCs and GMs. Legacy classes and races, all-new feats and spells, and even new gear like shields, computers, and starships can be found within the Starfarer's Companion.