Star Log.EM Series

Everyman Gaming takes to the stars with an all-new product series designed with the interstellar spacefarer in the Star Log.EM series! Each Star Log features a thousand words of all-new content for Starfinder, each issue centered around a single theme. Topics include new aliens, new archetypes, new class options, new feats or themes, and more!

Starfarer's Companion

Blast off into the far-flung future with the Starfarer's Companion, a joint product between Everyman Gaming and Rogue Genius Games designed specifically to help orient fantasy players to the starfaring age while also providing new technological wonders to future-facing PCs and GMs. Legacy classes and races, all-new feats and spells, and even new gear like shields, computers, and starships can be found within the Starfarer's Companion.