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 September 2018

SLEM052 Borai Options.png

Star Log.EM-052: Borai Options

Get down with your dead self using Everyman Gaming’s newest Starfinder product, Star Log.EM-052: Borai Options! The borai are a race of animated corpses that possess a sliver of their mortal souls, and are known to arise from botched resurrections and stubborn personalities. This product adds options that allow players to build borais from over two dozen new races, from barathus to skittermanders, kitsune to vishkanya, and even esoteric races like astrazoans and strixes. Also included is a new borai paragon archetype, four new borai feats, and a new spell that allows the caster to raise corpses into new borai.

August 2018 

SF051 Weapon Fusions.png

Star Log.EM-051: Weapon Fusions

Brandish weapons with all-new magical powers using Everyman Gaming’s latest Starfinder mini, Star Log.EM-051: Weapon Fusions. Penned by the great David N. Ross, Star Log.EM-051 includes over six new weapon fusions that are themed around making every attack count, even when they miss. New fusions within this product allow your cryo weapons to leave the ground slick and slippery, sonic weapons to deafen the target of their attacks, kinetic weapons to harry enemies, nanites to heal broken weapons, and more!

SF050 Temporal Thing.png

Star Log.EM-050: Temporal Thing

Fourth-dimensional beings displaced from time itself have arrived in Everyman Gaming’s newest Star Log, Star Log.EM-050: Temporal Things! This product provides GMs with two stat blocks of horrible, time-rending aberrations known as temporal things that possess the ability to wreck havoc upon the aging processes of their foes. To supplement this unique power, this product also features two brand-new spells for Starfinder that make using of Star Log.Deluxe: Aging Rules by Everyman Gaming: alter age and baleful alter age.

SF049 Dragonkin Options-01.png

Star Log.EM-049: Dragonkin Options

Outfit your dragonkin character with out-of-this-world abilities using Star Log.EM-049: Dragonkin Options! Penned by the esteemed Jacob McKiernan, this all-new product by Everyman Gaming LLC includes a new archetype for dragonkin characters, over ten new feats that expand upon the dragonkin’s presence and partner bond, information tying dragonkin to Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, and more.

SF048 Rougarou-01.png

Star Log.EM-048: Rougarous

Have a howling good time with your next PC by making them a member of the latest legacy race that’s been updated to the far future by Everyman Gaming: the rougarou! Outfitted with all-new racial traits and flavor perfect for Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, Star Log.EM-048 has everything you need to play a shapeshifting wolf folk in your next campaign! Racial traits? Check. Flavor? Check. A new feat for rougarou characters looking for better shapechanging? Check. NPC rules? Check.

Everything you need to play the goodest boy, girl, or anything in between is here: just add adventure!

SF047 Xaursi.png

Star Log.EM-047: Xaursi

Hark! An owlfolk! But watch out, because that's no ordinary owlfolk! That's a xaursi, penned by Hilary Murphy Moon and subject of Everyman Gaming's newest Star Log product, Star Log.EM-047: Xaursi! In this product you'll meet the xaursi, a race of avian humanoids native to lost Azan from Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting with the ability to ignite their feathers into a dazzling display of laser lights. Included within is everything you'll need to play a xaursi character in your Starfinder campaign: racial traits, an NPC graft, a new feat, and more!

July 2018

SF046 More Alien Feats.png

Star Log.EM-046: More Alien Feats

Enhance your alien characters to the next level with the newest Star Log product by Everyman Gaming, Star Log.EM-046: More Alien Feats! Penned by the esteemed David N. Ross, Star Log.EM-046 introduces over ten all-new feats for characters of Alien Archive renowned. Also included is a brief overview of Enigmalice, an entity believed to be active across Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting by conspiracy theorists.

SF045 Glynwyrians.png

Star Log.EM-045: Glynwyrians

Find a new friend who’ll cure what ails you in Everyman Gaming’s newest Starfinder product, Star Log.EM-045: Glynwyrians. Penned by the astonishing Crystal Malarsky, Star Log.EM-045 introduces an all-new race for use in your Starfinder adventures, the glynwyrians. Possessing a mystic horn comprised entirely of a rare element, the glynwyrians are able to product fantastic healing effects both for themselves and others. Included within this product is everything you need to play a glynwyrian character: racial traits, physical description, society, and more. Also included are rules for making glynwyrian NPCs, integration with Rogue Genius Games’s Blood Space Campaign Setting, a new feat allowing any glynwyrian to become an outstanding healer, and more!

SF044 InsaneCorp's Sinisterly Superb Cybernetics.png

Star Log.EM-044: InsaneCorp’s Sinisterly Superb Cybernetics

HELLO THERE MORTALS! Tired of your ordinary, everyday offerings from Everyman Gaming’s Star Log.EM series? Well have I, Doctor Malifaord Hudson Insano, President of InsaneCorp, have a special treat for you! Working in conjunction with Everyman Gaming, we at InsaneCorp have conspired to bring you several sinisterly superb cybernetics! Upgrade that drab tail of yours with full cybernetic prehensility, transform your android into a stunning cybernetic facsimile of nearly any species imaginable, chill your already fearless vesk blood with our state-of-the-art blood chiller, interface with computers with a touch with our cybernetic hand series of gears, or upgrade your ysoki cheek pouches with a grenade launcher, my personal favorite!

InsaneCorp—A newer, better, INSANER you!

SF043 Zodiac Solarian Revelations.png

Star Log.EM-043: Zodiac Solarian Revelations

When you're a solarian, the stars hold ALL the answers! Nowhere is this more true than in this week's Star Star.EM document: Zodiac Solarian Revelations! Written by the esteemed David N. Ross, this file provides 12 all-new solarian revelations themed around 12 storied constellations in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting, each designed to become more powerful as you become more attuned to your stellar mode.

Don't hesitate, reach for the stars today!

June 2018

SF042 Stalwart Defender.png

Star Log.EM-042: Stalwart Defender

Weather every storm with Everyman Gaming’s latest prestige class-turned-Starfinder-archetype, the stalwart defender! This awesome new prestige class is uniquely flexible, allowing characters to choose whether they add it to their class at 2nd, 4th, or 6th level. The product also features a host of new stalwart powers perfect for outfitting your stalwart defender for any challenge, as well as several new defense-themed combat feats available to all characters.

SF041 Soldier Fighting Styles.png

Star Log.EM-041: Soldier Fighting Styles

To arms, soldier! Grab your best suit of armor and your finest weapons, because it's time to deploy to the front lines of the final frontier with Star Log.EM-041: Soldier Fighting Styles! Included within this mighty miniature product are three all-new fighting styles for you to try: the classic berserker, the maneuver-mashing rapscallion, and the melee-specialized striker. Also included are several new gear boosts aimed at improving your soldier's abilities in obscure fighting styles.

SF040 Ydreft.png

Star Log.EM-040: Ydreft

Formidable fugi for your Starfinder RPG campaign have landed in this week's latest Star Log.EM product, Star Log.EM-040: Ydreft. Designed by fan-favorite author David N. Ross, the ydreft are a species of colonizing fungi with a twist—they live nearly forever, and eventually evolve into massive spires that serve as communal pillars both literally and figuratively for their younger breathren. This product includes all the information you'll need to make ydreft characters, including an in-depth look at the species, racial traits, new feats for ydreft characters, and rules for making ydreft NPCs.

SF039 Nashi.png

Star Log.EM-039: NAshi

Who needs caution when you're this smart? This week's new Star Log.EM product introduces a new race of Ingeniousness raccoon-like tinkers and innovators for your Starfinder campaign, the nashi. Star Log.EM-039 has everything you'll need to play a nashi character, from vital information regarding their biology and culture, to racial traits and NPC subtype grafts to all-new racial feats (including one feat available to all characters). Also included is plenty of information regarding how this new race fits in to the Blood Space Campaign Setting. So come on, pick this one up already! We know how badly you've wanted to play a talking raccoon.

May 2018

SF038 Horizon Walker.png

Star Log.EM-038: Horizon Walker

Race to the stars and find all that there is to explore around them with another all-new legacy prestige class turned Starfinder archetype, the horizon walker! This compact archetype requires the Starfarer's Companion by Rogue Genius Games because it transforms any character who adds it to their class into a peerless master of biomes. Also included are all-new biome masteries unique to the horizon walker, such as the ability to rapidly teleport within their favored biome, as well as new ranger methodologies that allow rangers to play with the horizon walker's tool kit and all-new information about horizon walkers and their role in Rogue Genius Games's Xa-Osoro Campaign Setting.

SF037 Envoy Improvisations.png

Star Log.EM-037: Envoy Improvisations

It's time to get ready to turn UP the tempo for your envoy character with Star Log.EM-037: Envoy Improvisations! Featuring over a dozen new envoy improvisations spread across all levels of play, this product includes new improvisations that allow you to give your allies one final push when you go down like Avenge Me!, learn multiple languages with polylinguist, and much more! Also included is a bit of information about several well-known envoys in Rogue Genius Games' Xa-Osoro System, including intergalactic pop star Mitsuku Hane!

SF036 Jury-Rigging Rules.png

Star Log.EM-036: Jury-Rigging rules

Fan-favorite author David Ross is back and ready to help your Starfinder RPG characters fix even the most damaged items or MacGyver even the most complicated of items with his newest ruleset, available in Star Log.EM-036: Jury-Rigging Rules. Included are two new skill tasks that allow characters of all kinds repair and improvise items on the fly, as well as several new mechanic tricks, magic hacks, and a new spell that complements the new system. Whether you're improvising a spell amp, shattering a makeshift sword in your enemy's heart, or just fixing a stove to cook breakfast on, Star Log.EM-036: Jury-Rigging Rules will give you everything you need to get the job done! 

SF035 Arich.png

Star Log.EM-035: Arich

Looks can be deceiving when you're making contact with a new alien, and nowhere is this more apparent then with esteemed author Luis Loza's arich, a species of playable arachnids now available in Star Log.EM-035: Arich! Within you'll learn about the plight of the arich and their connection to Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting while getting to toy with their racial traits, creature subtype graft, and new feats. Don't let a little arachniphobia stop you from picking up this new Star Log! 

SF034 Wyvarans.png

Star Log.EM-034: Wyvarans

Soar to new heights and take on ALL the challenges as a wyvaran character, using Star Log.EM-034: Wyvarans! Detailed within are this classic-RPG-race-transfered-to-Starfinder, including a full write-up of the race's origins in Rogue Genius Games's Xa-Osoro System, a new feat, racial traits, and even a subtype graft for GMs! LET THE DRAGON CONSUME YOU with help from Everyman Gaming LLC!

April 2018

SF033 Powered Weaponry.png

Star Log.EM-033: Powered Weaponry

Take back your classic weaponry with a technological twist with Star Log.EM-033: Powered Weaponry! Concocted by fan-favorite author David N. Ross, this product includes everything from ice-shooting shortbows to ion-guided tridents, to sonic-thrusting scimitars for a total of six all new categories of weapons! Also included are new weapon special properties, a new critical effect, and a brief look at how these weapons were developed in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting!


Star Log.EM-032: Levialogi

Beware what lurks in blood! The salient blood of a long-dead monstrosity, the levialgoi are powerful, ancient aberrations that seek the remnants of their former body so that they might complete their quest to devour the cosmos. In addition to learning about the history of the levialogi in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting, Star Log.EM-032: Levialogi offers three new levialogi monsters (CR 1, CR 20, and CR 25), as well as a new subtype graft so crafty GMs can build their own levialogi monstrosities.

SF031_Spells of Furor.png

Star Log-EM-031: Spells of Furor

Master some of the mightiest spells of the Xa-Osoro System with Star Log.EM-031: Spells of Furor! Authored by the delightfully twisted Sasha Lindley Hall, these new spells will have you roasting your players alive (energy sphere), forcing painful bone spurs onto their tender flesh-meats (bone spur transfiguration) weaving deadly illusions to make your weapons hurt more (psychosomatic weapon), and more. Also included is more of the grade-A flavor you expect from the Star Log.EM line, describing the humble origins of these spells in the Xa-Osoro System from Rogue Genius Games's own Blood Space Campaign Setting!

SF030 Lorefinder.png

Star Log.EM-030: Lorefinder

Want to be the most helpful 'mander in all the cosmos? Then maybe you better skitter yourself over to this week's new Star Log.EM, which features the all-new lorefinder archetype! Based on a legacy prestige class with a similar (albeit different) name, the lorefinder has everything you need to maximize helpfulness. Inspire your allies to hurry up, recite amazing epics, nab nifty abilities, and more! Also included are a slew of all-new Starfinder feats that synergize well with anyone looking to be extra-helpful, especially characters with the lorefinder archetype.

March 2018

SF029 Boarding Rules.png

Star Log.EM-029: Boarding Rules

You're not safe just because you're aboard a starship! Written by author David Ross, Star Log.EM-029 has everything you need to make sure your players understand that they're not safe in the depths of space! Containing a robust array of rules designed to allow ship boarding to be a tactical option in Starfinder, Star Log.EM-029: Boarding Rules includes gems like all-new captain and science officer actions, rules for using ship boarding as a damage-over-rounds effect for ships, rules for allowing PCs to storm an enemy's ship, melee-range weapons for starships, and more.

SF028 Solarian Zenith Revelations.png

Star Log.EM-028: Solarian Zenith Revelations

Embrace the stars' truest potential with Star Log.EM-028: Solarian Zenith Revelations. Penned by interstellar icon Luis Loza, this product features six all-new zenith revelations that are perfectly balanced between graviton and proton for your convenience. You can use these awesome powers to draw out your allies' inner fire, pull enemies to a designated location with a well of gravity, heal allies with positive energy, and more. And if that wasn't enough, the product features short biographies for six solarian characters from Rogue Genius Games' Blood Space Campaign Setting!

SF027 Skittermander Options.png

Star Log.EM-027: Skittermander Options

Can't get enough skittermanders? Us either! This week on Everyman Gaming, we've got a treasure trove of delightfully helpful content for players and GMs looking to enhance their skittermander characters for your Starfinder RPG campaign! Maybe you'll want to try the new skittermander paragon archetype, which enhances your ability to cause hyperactive mayhem! Or perhaps you're more interested in one of the over half-dozen new skittermander feats you'll find within, such as Hyperactive Leap, Skitterspider, and the ever-popular Skittermander Supplex. And of course, if you want new augmentations to enhance what is already a very cool character, this product includes unique biotech and cybernetic augmentations, such as the ability to regain your larval state's ability to secret numbing mucus and the ability to pull a pair of arms back into your body for "camoflauge."

SF026 Mythos Mystic Connection.png

Star Log.EM-026: Mythos Mystic Connection

Ya! Ya! A new Star Log product has arise from the inky depths of space! Inspired by the famous works of those madmen who write about cosmic horrors the likes of which the mortal mind can barely comprehend, author Sasha Lindley Hall has an out-of-this-world product for you: Star Log.EM-026: Mythos Mystic Connection! As advertised, this product includes an all-new connection for mystics that allows them to offer their minds and sanity to horrors lurking between the stars, as well as several new spells inspired by such themes. Wrapping up the product is a new summoning graft for characters with the summon creature spell, the eldritch horror!

SF025 Dragon Disciple.png

Star Log.EM-025: Dragon Disciple

Tap into the ancient mysteries of a long-forgotten draconic bloodline with Star Log.EM-025: Dragon Disciple, This all-new legacy-prestige-class-turned-archetype allows characters of any class to embrace their draconic heritage, granting them access to draconic manifestations, special abilities that embody a dragon disciple's draconic heritage by growing wings, unleashing a breath attack, gaining a special dragon ability, and more!

February 2018

Star Log.EM-024: Expansion Bays

So you've got that fancy starship—now to decide what to put in it! If you're stuck for awesome expansion ideas, author David N Ross has the solution for you: Star Log.EM-024: Expansion Bays! Included within this all-new product for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game are grade-a expansions like a hydroponics bay for growing crops and medicinals, a robotics bay for controlling robotic appendages on your starship, a security bay for detaining vagabonds and crooks, luxury upgrades to all your expansion bays so you can cruise the cosmos in gold-plated style, and more. Why? Because life is better in chrome!

SF023 Yroometji.png

Star Log.EM-023: Yroometji

It's time for another new installment of Star Log.EM, and this week all we can say is, "WOW! Our fans REALLY like kangaroos!" After our Everyman Minis: Unchained Kangaroos, Dire Edition product was released last week, we got a bunch of e-mails begging us to convert our yroometji race to Starfinder. So ... we did! In this product, you can reacquaint yourself with Everyman Gaming's kangaroo people after several thousand years of progress and development! Included is a full write-up of the yroometji's biology, history, and culture, as well as a brief note on how yroometji interact with the races of Rogue Genius Games' Blood Space campaign setting, and cool new options for yroometji players. 

SF022 Magic Hacks.png

Star Log.EM-022: MAgic Hacks

Hack magic for your benefit like never before with Star Log.EM-22: Magic Hacks by Sasha Lindsey Hall! Use your mastery over technology like never before, allowing you to enhance your elemental spells, perform "digital necromancy" to restore functionality to a deleted file, create magical flash drives that can store transmutation spells, and more.

SF021 Eldritch Trickster.png

Star Log.EM-021 Eldritch Trickster

Operating in a cyber-arcane future requires one to have plenty of tricks up their sleeves, and now you can stack all the odds in your favor with the new eldritch trickster Starfinder archetype, by Everyman Gaming LLC! Also included are a new magic-themed operative specialization, new operative exploits, and a new spell for eldritch trickster spellcasts.

January 2018

SF020 Ganzi.png

Star Log.EM-020: Ganzi

Want to play a PC who's infused with primordial chaos? Then Star Log.EM-020's ganzi race might be the race for you! This installment of the fan-favorite Star Log.EM line includes racial traits for the ganzi races, as well as several new feats and everything you need to know to use ganzi PCs in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting! Don't wait, embrace the chaos within today!

SF019 Alien Racial Feats.png

Star Log.EM-019: Alien Racial Feats

Outfit your aliens like never before with Star Log.EM-019: Alien Racial Feats! This collection of over a dozen new feats allows characters like haans, nuars, formians, and more to unlock exciting new powers and abilities possessed by more formidable versions of their kin. Also included is a brief dossier depicting where someone living in the Xa-Osoro system could find several of these aliens going about their business.

December 2017

SF018 Msvokas.png

Star Log.EM-018: Msvokas

"What do you mean, 'My character is radioactive?!'" Find out by snagging this all-new PC race by Everyman Gaming, the msvokas! Hailing from a metallic world with precious little organic life to snack on, the msvokas are a race of humanoid avian-like aliens with tentacled faces who've adapted to dine entirely on radioactive isotopes, and 'rebirth' themselves annual to cleanse their bodies of the toxins. Included are racial traits and even a new feat so you can be radioactive too! 

SF017 Gnolls.png

Star Log.EM-017: Gnolls

What's everyone's favorite fuzzy, lovable, cruel-as-all-heck critter? Gnolls! And with Star Log.EM-018: Gnolls you can bring these cankerous canines to the far future for the first time! Within you'll find a complete Everyman Gaming-style write-up for this race, as well as racial traits for playing a gnoll and feats so you can be the gnolliest gnoll in the gnollervise! 

SF016 Stellar Revelations.png

Star Log.EM-016: Stellar Revelations

Take to the stars with Everyman Gaming's latest Star Log product! Solarians are mysterious warriors of tomorrow, drawing their strange and wondrous powers from the very lifecycles of the stars themselves. Included within this product are a dozen new stellar revelations for solarians to pick from, allowing them crush an enemy's armor with cosmic weight, engulf plasma weapons with the lifeblood of the stars, and more!

November 2017

SF015 Skinwalkers.png

Star Log.EM-015: Skinwalker

Just because you're gaming in the future doesn't mean you have to leave all your favorite characters behind! Star Log.EM-015 is proud to reacquaint you with an old fan-favorite legacy race—the skinwalker! Included is a detailed look at the skinwalker's role in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting, as well as racial traits and a new feat for skinwalker characters that can be taken as a replacement class feature! Rediscover your favorite characters with Everyman Gaming!

SF014 Eldritch Knight.png

Star Log.EM-014: Eldritch Knight

Gaming's newest legacy prestige class-turned-Starfinder-archetype, Star Log.EM-014: Eldritch Knight! Although modern soldiers might use many of the techniques of the "old ways" of eldritch knights, spellcasters versed in this archetype's secrets are able to command a dizzying array of arcane assailant fighting techniques along with the ability to cast additional spells as part of a critical hit. In addition, several new feats designed around anti-magic combat techniques are included, as well as a glimpse at how the secrets of the eldritch knight came to be in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space campaign setting.

SF013 Augmentative Equipment.png

Star Log.EM-013: Augmentative Equipment

In the cyber-magic age, you are what you buy, and nowhere is this more true then in the realm of augmentations. In Star Log.EM-013: Augmentative Equipment, you can find a slew of new equipment for augmentating your physical body with a new weapon fusion that allows you to attach a one-handed weapon to your arm, an armor upgrade that allows you to compress your body into a mobile sphere, and new biotech that do everything from coat your bones in adamantine plates to grant you a method of biotic flight. Also included is a small section discussing the use of augmentations in Rogue Genius Games's Xa-Osoro Campaign Setting!

SF012 Loremaster.png

Star Log.EM-012: Loremaster

In the cyber-magic age, knowledge IS power, and characters of all professions and creeds recognize this simple fact. Want to tap into this power? Never fear—Star Log.EM-012: Loremaster will let you do just that! Included is another of our fan-favorite legacy prestige class conversions, plus feats that allow characters to gain more skill ranks and use their knowledge to supplement their Deadly Aim, plus a brief look at how loremasters fit in Rogue Genius Games' Blood Space Campaign Setting!

October 2017

SF011 Arcane Artillerist.png

Star Log.EM-011: Arcane Artillerist

Want to follow the paths of arcane characters with projectile weapons, but can't be seen running around with a bow? Don't worry—the future provides! In Star Log.EM-011, you can get all the legacy arcane archer feel that you've ever wanted in Starfinder archetype form, but with guns! Also included are three new weapon fusions themed around classic arcane archer abilities, and a brief treatise on how arcane artillerists fit in Rogue Genius Games' Xa-Osoro Campaign Setting!


Star Log.EM-010: Operative Specializations

Your Starfinder character has a particular set of skills, so use them to solve problems and combat foes like never before with Star Log.EM-010: Operative Specializations! Included are four new operative specializations: the ever-versatile crackerjack, the deadly poisoner, the terrifying scaremonger, and the guileful spellthief. In addition, four new operative exploits are included as these new specializations' specialization exploits, and bits of information about how operatives operate in Rogue Genius Games' Blood Space campaign setting guide rounds out this product.

SF009 Mechanic Tricks.png

Star Log.EM-009: Mechanic Tricks

This week in the Star Log.EM series, mechanics everywhere are about to find another round of fantastic tools and toys in Everyman Minis: Mechanic Tricks! Whether you're looking to hedge a brilliant fund that'll allow you to have just what you need to build and repair mechanics, or blow up things all good-like with explosion-based tricks, you'll find it in Star Log.EM009: Mechanic Tricks.

SF008 Mystic Theurge.png

Star Log.EM-008: Mystic Theurge

Everyman Gaming arrives with another helping of legacy prestige class-turned-archetype goodness with Star Log.EM009: Mystic Theurge! Long gone are the days where only the arcane and the divine can mingle—characters can learn the secrets of this archetype to combine any two spellcasting spell lists together into one glorious whole! Also included is Combine Spells, a new feat that allows you to mix two spells into one great spell slot!

September 2017

SF007 Duelist Characters.png

Star Log.EM 007: Duelist

Everyman Gaming's conversion of legacy prestige classes to Starfinder Archetypes continues with Star Log.EM007: Duelist! This week, you'll find a new archetype and two new feats embodying the stances and strategies of duelists of the Xa-Osoro System (from Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting).

SF006 Kyubi Paragon.png

Star Log.EM-006: Kyubi Paragon

A blast from the far past arrives for this installment of the Star Log.EM series! This time, we've taken a fan-favorite product from our Pathfinder line and converted it to Starfinder using the kitsune race from the Starfarer Companion: the Kyubi Paragon! Within, you'll find a new archetype that captures the spirit of the original prestige class, plus new feats and an update to the kyubi tricks mechanic.


Star Log.EM-005: Infosphere Mystic Connection

Not all mystics draw upon eldritch forces or occult secrets to fuel their mighty spellcasting. Turning to great usher of the digital age for magic and foresight, infosphere mystics possess a magical connection to the manifold online repositories of data called infosopheres that mankind has created, using their powers to interface magic with online technology, giving them unequal range and divining power.

SLEM004 Assassin Cover.jpg

Star Log.EM-004: Assassin

Wherever there's money to made and troublesome individuals that need "taking care of," you're likely to find an assassin! Based on the legacy fantasy trope, the assassin is a new archetype that allows anyone, from a guileful operative to a mind-rending mystic, to "take care of business" however their employer sees fit! Also included is a brief gazetteer detailing several organizations in Rogue Genius Games's Blood Space Campaign Setting that employ assassins to achieve their ends.


Star Log.EM-003: Collateral Characters

The Xa-Osoro System (by Rogue Genius Games) isn't a pleasant place following the end of the Nova Age, and the modern era is one of ceaseless pirating and looting. One of the most common cargos taken are living children stationed on starships that have been captured by space pirates. Called "collateral" because they're taken for "collateral damages" to the pirates and their vessels, this installment of Everyman Minis includes a new theme and archetype themed after these unfortunate characters.

August 2017


Star Log.EM-002: Shadowdancer

Prowl across darkened streets and blackened starships today by joining the ranks of the shadowdancers! Based on the legacy fantasy trope, the shadowdancer is a new archetype that allows your starfaring characters to leap across shadows and disappear silently into the night. Also included are additional feats to help you move quickly and quietly to your mark, be it by shadow leaping or teleportation magic.

SF001_Exocortex Options.png

Star Log.EM-001: Exocortex Options

Give the mechanic with mind-altering technology implanting in their cerebral cortex the thing they've always dreamed of: powerful augmentations that allow them to insert data sets directly into their head, upload their favorite martial arts movies directly into their muscle memory, usurp control over enemy AI, and more!