Pop Culture Catalog: Clothing

This holiday season, surprise your players with the greatest clothing credits can buy with Pop Culture Catalog: Clothing by Everyman Gaming LLC! Within you'll find ten of the galaxy's most popular clothing manufactures, in-depth information regarding the regalia of over twenty races (including many of those found in Starfinder Alien Archive and the Starfarer's Companion), and new rules for custom-designing your character's own outfits with plenty of unique properties!

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Pop Culture Catalog: Vidgames!

What’s the best thing for any weary soldier or tapped-out technomancer after a hard day of adventuring? Sitting down with your favorite vidgame console to play the latest vidgame titles, of course! In this installment of Everyman Gaming’s new Pop Culture Catalog series, you’ll be introduced to five of the galaxy’s most popular vidgame creators, as well as over a dozen vidgame titles to choose from. And that’s not all, because super fans might even find a few additional perks in this book for supporting their favorite vidgame franchises when using Everyman Gaming’s new fandom rules!